I am that girl.rtf I saw the flames.rtf I will give you peace.rtf a woman is dancing.rtf anew.mov antigonish.rtf aquiline.rtf before they see.rtf begins.mov blood on the walls.rtf but she hated him.rtf cold and alone.mov deny.mov four more.rtf fragments, before.rtf fugue walls.rtf handwritten letters.rtf he was me.rtf hits the ground.jpg into the dark.mov it's all over.mov it's your turn now.rtf language.mov lies.mov like waking nightmares.rtf my feet are tied.rtf my wings were hard and cold.rtf no turning back.mov no-one watches us.rtf on the ninth day.rtf pilgrim.mov please.mov prelude.rtf realign.mov recognition.mov recorded.rtf rise.mov risen.mov she understands now.rtf sound of drums.mov stop.mov terminal.mov the line of his jaw.rtf the source of the silence.rtf their own lives.rtf there is a part missing.rtf two hundred steps.rtf you did it to yourself.rtf Four Prints 1 Four Prints 1 Four Prints 1